New Political Action Group

Based on the rapidly changing political & economic events in the US & Israel over the last 6 months, we have seen a change in the information in the messages that we have been asked to post.

We first addressed the issue by creating a new group called Frum Politics, so that subscribers would have a forum
dedicated to the intense discussion with regard to the US Presidential Election, as well as current events in Israeli

We have gotten several off line E mails asking us if there was anything more we could do to help.

There are more things we can do as a community... .

We decided to create a new group called the Jewish Political Action Network (a Yahoo group as well).

Here is its mission statement:)

(In the near future, we are going to gather a list of all US Senators & Congress People & put their links on the groups site. Will encourage people to E mail their representative with requests to stand by Israel with regard to news stories as they break).

Ruvain Boruch
Jewish Political Action Network

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