Fifty people were arrested on their way to protest in Moshav Reut

Official Press Release from Women in Green:

Some 50 men, women and children were arrested this evening, 2 September, and are currently being held by the police at the Modiin police station. Among the arrested are Nadia Matar, Daniella Weiss and Yehudit Katzover.
For some reason, Nadia Matar is being held separately from the rest of the group.

The 50 were traveling by bus and cars when they were apprehended at the Shilat intersection, on their way to Reut (near Modiin), the yishuv where Commander Gadi Shamni lives. Last week, Commander Shamni signed eviction orders against three Jews from their Samaria homes. The demonstration, slated to take place in the town of Reut, near Modi'in, was intended to protest these orders.

The 50 were arrested some 10 kilometers away from their destination, solely for their intentions of demonstrating!
Spirits are high and morale is good, despite the thirst and hunger.

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